Alice’s source of inspiration began as a child, when she collected rocks.

During her degree research, Alice visited the Blue John Stone caves in Derbyshire, UK, where mining of the rock is limited in order to preserve the history and natural beauty of the caves. Alice used the specimens found there (left) as a large part of her initial research, drawing, painting and chasing directly from their forms.

Inspired by rocks, minerals and crystals...

Alice also draws inspiration from walks in the natural geology of the British countryside, and from museum mineral specimens such as at The Natural History Museum and The National Museum of Scotland.

  • Iron Pyrite, The National Museum of Scotland.

  • Amethyst, The National Museum of Scotland.

  • Mineral specimens, The Huntarian Museum, Glasgow.

  • Cliff face on a beach in Wales

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In 2019, thanks to the Goldsmiths Craft and Design council awards, Alice won a scholarship to do a diamond grading and identification practical course at the Gemmological Associatioon of Great Britain’s headquarters in London. On this course, she learned about the different ways in which diamonds grow, and was able to see some natural diamonds in rough rock.

  • Alice's winning design, inspired by internal reflections in the diamond.

  • A natural diamond in rock that Alice studied at Gem-A.

  • Alice diamond grading at Gem-A headquarters, London 2019.

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Designing heirlooms...

In her designs, Alice juxtaposes sparkling textures against flat, polished crystal shapes to create a visual feast for the eyes. Bringing niobium into the designs adds a pop of colour that echoes her original inspiration.

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Go Bespoke...

From initial idea design to the making process, Alice will take you through the commissioning process step by step.