Titanium and silver crystal shards
Titanium and silver crystal shards

Pyrite Box

This design is a proposal for a piece I was about to make before university closed. The top of the box will be made using the ancient technique of chasing and repoussé , using diamond burrs to create the rock texture and using chasing tools I have made. It is inspired by the cubic shaped crystals seen in minerals such as iron pyrite and rhodochrosite.
In preparation for the making of the piece, I have created a 3D model in Rhino after an initial sketch. To gain an idea of scale in order to calculate the amount of silver needed, I have also made a model from card, plasticine and wood, which I developed into a presentation image using Adobe Photoshop.
It will measure 100mm x 70mm x 40mm and will be made in silver and blue anodised niobuum. I intend to make this piece when I have access to a workshop.
If you would like to commission this piece from me, please contact me.